About this Blog

Around three years ago, I read a metropop novel Oksimoron by Isman H. Suryaman, a comedy writer. The novel is not too hilarious, which is a little disappointing since I was expecting a good laugh. But I was interested in Life’s Little Lesson. It’s a fictitional book, written by the protagonist, based on his father’s experience in navigating through life (emotional blackmail, anyone?). I also read The Social Animal by David Brooks, about biography of (fictitional) man and woman who were ordinary but escalates into success in their midlife. The male protagonist, Howard, also underwent a phase of documenting things that are important in life (in his case, based on Greek epics).

The ideas of keeping similar notes has dwelt up insides me since. I read a lot of book, and my preference has shifted from young adults fantasy to popular psychology (and metropop novels). There are lots of life lessons waiting to be written, not only from reading but also from watching movies, observing, and chit-chatting with others. I even bought a nice pocket-sized book with leather cover to take notes for “future references.” But I was paralyzed by the thought of wasting such a nice book with scribbles, so I end up writing nothing.

Then an idea popped into my mind: instead of a pocket-book, why not a blog? I can write and edit the writings more easily. I can also access the blog with ease, thanks to smartphones. And of course, if my writing could benefit more than me alone, that would be even more wonderful.

Hence, this blog was born.

I admit, this blog borrows heavily from Barking Up the Wrong Tree (what can I say? Imitation is the most sincere form of admiration) . It’s a good blog, by the way, and you should visit there often. The theme covered is also broad: I’m thinking of covering fashion, nutrition, and travelling besides popular psychology. But after all, this blog is intended to be personal, and I will keep it that way.

Without further ado, happy reading!


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